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Stand-Alone Profilometer with integrated Laser.

The profilometer is made up of two reading units, laser protection covers and relevant tyre centring runways.
The laser scanning sensors measure the 2 tyre profiles simultaneously. The real scanning of the tyre profile is shown on the screen.
The new software, with real-time editing, features new quick functions to edit the measurement parameters according to the type of tyre.

technical data
Standard power supply
110/230V - 1Ph - 50Hz
Absorbed power
Cabinet weight
130 kg
Cabinet dimensions (l x d x h) with monitor support and monitor mounted
58x57x171 cm
Cabinet dimensions (l x d x h) without monitor support and monitor mounted
58x57x120 cm
Cabinet weight
130 kg
Measuring unit dimensions (l x d x h)
2320x890x305 cm
Measuring unit weight
40 kg
Reading system resolution
0,1 mm
Measuring laser
Classe 2 IP67
Minimum tyre diameter
450 mm
Maximum tyre diameter
950 mm
Maximum capacity per axle
3000 daN
Maximum travel
2300 mm
Minimum travel
400 mm
key benefits

• Increase in the Customer’s trust.
• Verication of the tyre conditions with a paper certication.
• Increase in the sales of wheel alignments and tyres.
• 25% of circulating vehicles have tyres with a tread below the prescribed threshold.
• Average revenue: +100 € / wheel

The reading of the profile is automatically activated on both sides. The reader comes out of its protection and reads the tyre profile with a rapid scanning. The sensor position, both when at rest and during the reading, makes it immune to dirt and for this reason it does not need to be cleaned before a reading.

The results appear after a few seconds. The operator can select different functions according to his/her needs and to the type of tyre. From winter/summer tyre to the tyre efficiency calculation method depending on different factors, by simply selecting the relevant icon.

Colour customised print on paper (or to file) with the information about the state of the tyres. The workshop’s references and contact information are in the foreground. The real graphs of the scans are included with the relevant measures and colour code for easier interpretation by the Customer.

•Electrical system interface between Profilometer and PC
•Customisation package (software included)
•64-Bit Windows 10 Embedded PC, license and recovery USB ash drive
•Trackball mouse
•USB printer

*for the FULL PACK configuration



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