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Teco 590

Automatic Truck Tyre Changer

Teco 590 is designed to operate on wheels of trucks, buses, tractors and earth-moving vehicles.
Wheels with a maximum weight of 3,000 kg, a width of 1,800 mm and a maximum diameter of 3,000 mm. The spindle can lock rims from 14” up to 60” (using extensions). Equipped with a wide working zone, Teco 590 offers independent movements of the self-centring spindle and tool carriage.

Totally hydraulic, Teco 590 does not accept compromises and offers very high technical performance.

energy recovery

technical data
Maximum wheel width
1800 mm - 71”
Maximum wheel diameter
3000 mm - 118”
Clamp capacity
14” ÷ 50” (60” by using extensions)
Minimum Ø of wheel central hole
110 mm - 4,3”
Hydraulic control unit motor
3ph - 4,8 kW
3-speed gearmotor
hydraulic 4-6-10 rpm
Maximum torque output
5500 Nm
Bead breaker force
45000 N
Maximum wheel weight
3000 kg
200/208/230/400V - 3ph - 50/60 Hz
key benefits
Extra Robustness

The brand new control console reflects an attention to ergonomics and functionality.
User-friendly controls and intuitive design facilitate work. It is equipped with a radio connection as standard. The wheels at the base of the frame facilitate movement from one side of the wheel to the other while working.

Independent movements between self-centring clamp and tool arm. This will allow you to position the wheel and the tools as freely and quickly as possible.
The tool arm moves at high speed, while the self-centring arm offers all the strength necessary for a smooth work.

PAR - Clamp for alloy rims
KGL56 - Protection kit for aluminium rims
P4P - 4-point extensions for rims with bead wire
ACL - Alloy rim clamping adapter
PBP120 - Pneumatic bead presser


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