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Teco 270

Semi automatic swing-arm tyre changer for rims up to 22″.

User-friendliness, reliability and high performance are the characteristics that make the Teco270  ideal for users who need a versatile tool at an extremely competitive price .

Operation is semiautomatic with swinging arm and 22” turntable, and the machine is ideal for mounting and demounting car, van and motorcycle wheels.
Available with traditional inflation or T.I. beadinsertion and inflation system.



technical data
Inside clamping capacity
13” ÷ 25”
Outside clamping capacity
11” ÷ 22”
Maximum tyre diameter
980 Mm (43”)
Maximum tyre width
305 Mm (12”)
Rotation torque
1200 Nm (400v 3ph)
Rotation speed
8,5 Rpm
Height above the ground
665 mm
Power supply
400V - 3Ph - 50Hz
Power supply
200/230V - 3Ph - 50Hz (TI)
Power supply
200/230V - 1Ph - 50/60Hz
Operating pressure
10 Bar
key benefits

 Horizontal positioning of the tool is obtained by means of a threaded hand-wheel. Operating on various wheels of the same dimensions, means that tool maintains originally position regulated for.
The  single action lever locks the shaft vertically, causing at the same time the movement upwards of the peak.

The turntable can clamp alloy rims of new-generation from both outside and inside  without any damage thanks to its special plastic protections supplied as standard. Set of bike adapters (optional).
The powerful bead breaker is operated by a double acting stainless steel  cylinder of 186 mm. diameter.
Two special plastic guards, one for the blade (supplied as standard) and the other for the side rubber pad (on request), to protect alloy rims during the bead-breaking.
Ergonomic pedals made of aluminium with clear functional symbols.

IGP - Inflation pistolet
LC - lever
Tool head protections (x10 pcs)
Tool head protections (x5 pcs)
PLN - Brush


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